AH3 Rules

The Axarquia Hash House Harriers

  1. The GM is always right
  2. The RA is always right except when Rule 1 applies
  3. The RA checks on proper behaviour before, during and between runs. It is left to the RA's discretion as to whether he/she will ignore any transgression, give a private reprimand or make a charge. If a charge is made a penalty will automatically follow.
  4. The penalty for any transgression is one down-down.
  5. Beer is to be drunk when down-downing or poured over your own head. Spillage may result in a second down-down.
  6. No Whingers!
  7. With joyous heart, every Hasher will give Hash Cash 4 Euros every run. Covers beer, water, crisps.
  8. Anyone having knowledge of a transgression by a fellow Hasher may make a charge during the down-downs. A charge will always result in a penalty for either the accused, the accuser, or both, at the discretion of the RA. Charges from the pack can be defended, but poor defence will result in a penalty.
  9. Short-cutting is allowed. Being caught short cutting is a serious offence. A short-cutter will be known as an SCB (Short Cutting Bastard).
  10. Silent running is a punishable offence.
  11. The Hash has Internationally accepted forms of communication on the run:- When ON flour shout 'On-On'. When Checking shout 'Checking'. When calling someone back to the correct trail shout 'On Back'. All calling must be at an appropriately high decibel level.  Hashers caught shouting 'On-On' when not in sight of flour will be charged with misleading the Hash..
  12. No crop bashing will occur during the run. Down-down to the offenders.
  13. Stationary checking or refusal to check when so required by the RA will undoubtedly result in a charge.
  14. If the cars are sighted on the run, then the run is officially over and the Hash may proceed to the beer by the most direct route.
  15. The GM can add, delete or change, any rule, at any time. No public announcement will be deemed necessary; however transgressions will still result in a charge.
  16. Hashers run completely at their own risk.  Anyone fool enough to damage themselves will have to accept that it is their own fault.  That goes for liver damage and heart attack too.